Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Logo is the business’s identity. It is the image that we wish to convey a thousand words about our business. A logo should be unique and showcase the character and culture of your company. It should transfer that message to people loud and clear. Finally, a logo should be objectively attractive and pleasing to all that view it.

At Cactus, we design logos with professionalism and passion from a young team that has a great understanding on what each company’s image should be. You describe everything about your company to us, including your observations and preferances. We design and suggest variations of the main idea, intended for you to pick the right logo.

brand identity

Logo & Brand Identity

After the design of a logo has been completed, it is used on many different media. It can be printed on paper (folders, letterheads, business cards) or on some other ad. If you marketing strategy revolves solely around placing your logo on any media, then you are lacking a complete Brand Identity.

Brand Identity is the larger, unique visual theme associated with a company. Font, color palette and tone that your company uses to communicate with your customers and suppliers. All the above consist in a grander image for the company. A properly working Brand Identity is one that is recognizable by customers even without seeing the logo. For example, Apple uses unique fonts and colors and, even if you don’t see the logo, you can understand their special style in their products.

A lot of people have heard about consistant use of their logo. However there should also be consistant use of elements other than that.

Creative graphic works

Aside from a logo we design for you all the creative elements that your business needs. Posters, flyers, cards, packages and banners are only some of the creative projects we provide. You can contact with us for consulting and ask for an offer tailored to your needs.