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Presentation Website Construction

What does quality website mean?

Quality and proper web design is a process that requires the combination of various parameters, such as structure, design, content, in addition to the number and type of visitors. It is true that only experienced professionals, like the ones you will find on Cactus, can successfully create websites that work. We are especially attentive to all those elements that make your website functional.

Your online presence, characterized by Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is for most experts in the field the basic digital marketing tool for any business that operates online. More specifically, that is where the foundations of your digital identity lie. It is very important to invest from the first moment in creating the right website without having to correct the initial plan many times, as it will deprive you of profits and momentum.

Functionality-security and content are the key points on which we work diligently. Every website should secure its content from possible attacks. Cactus, provides insurance services, to every customer who trusts it for the construction of his website, that ensure you the availability of the page. The functions of each of your websites should be properly structured and as simple as possible. The design of each page is the part that attracts visitors to browse its content, which must be rich and at the same time valid and useful. We link your website to the Google Analytics tool in order to see in real time how many users visit your website. The information about the visitors of the website that Google Analytics gives you is hundreds, but at the same time quantitative and qualitative.

The websites we build are friendly to search engines with the main purpose of appearing in the results of searches in high positions. Each website is linked to the Webmaster tool, where we see in which and how many keywords our website appears. Our goal is to display as many keywords as possible on the first page. Finally, all the keywords we choose to optimize our website must be relevant to the subject of the website.

Responsive & Cross Platform Design

Every perfect website must work properly in all Browser-browsers (Chrome , Explorer , Mozilla, Safari) also must work properly on every device such as SmartPhone, Tablet, PC, Smart TV & Laptop. Internet users are increasingly using Smart devices to search and browse the websites they are interested in. This trend for browsing from mobile or smart devices is growing. This makes it particularly important that the design of the Website is Responsive, so that it adapts to all screen sizes.

Website design with Custom Design

At Cactus we can create a unique template for your website. We will analyze the requirements of your website and design in good cooperation with you.

Custom Web Apps

Custom web applications can solve unique business needs.

Web Support

If you have a website and you want a team of experienced developers to work for it you can easily and quickly transfer it under our responsibility.

E-shop construction

Online Store or Eshop is that website that has as its first and main goal to increase the sales of your products. An online store must be easy to use and direct to the consumer, that is, to easily and quickly present the products that interest the visitor with rich content in text and image.