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Developing websites properly and with quality is a process that requires a plethora of parameters, like structure, design, content as well as the count and the nature of its visitors. It’s true that only experienced developers can create successfully quality websites that bear results.

We are extremely careful in all the elements that elevate the quality of your website. Functionality – Security and Content are key points, on which we work with great care. Every website must keep its content secure from attacks. With every website project, Cactus provides security services that ensure your website accessibility so that you will never miss customers. Each web page’s functionality must be properly structured and as simple as possible. The design of each website is the most crucial part in attracting visitors to its content. The content should be rich and, at the same time, viable and useful.

Direct view of all the data for your website’s visitors.

Google Analytics

We integrate your website with the Google Analytics web tool in order to view in real time how many users visit your website. Google Analytics provides tons of information about your website’s visitors, which are practical and useful.

The websites we create are friendly to search engines in order to be listed highly in web search results. We interlink every website with the Webmaster tool, which show us, which keywords, and the total number of, cause our website to appear. Our goal is appear in the first page of results with as many keywords as possible. It is also important to optimize our webpage by selecting the right and appropriate keywords, so that they are relevant with the subject of the website.

Responsive & Cross Platform Design

Every polished website must be able to work correctly with every browser (Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla, Safari) and also with every other device, like a SmartPhone, a Tablet, a PC, a Smart TV & a Laptop. Worldwide, users browse the internet with more and more Smart devices to search and browse the websites that interest them.

This trend for browsing by mobile or smart devices is on the rise. This fact makes it crucial that websites are designed so that they are responsive, which means able to adapt to all monitor sizes.

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Effective website

Κατασκευή Ιστοσελίδων Θεσσαλονίκη

An effective website means direct profit. Our goal is for you to get new customers that until recently didn’t know about your business’s products and services. We achieve this goal by creating an immaculate website that we promote later in market. We can consult you  and create for you the web tool that converts your website visitors to your customers.

Please complete the communication form and we will promptly send to your email address  a custom offer so you can create quickly the website that fits your needs. After developing the website, we provide high quality services supporting and maintaining your website. Furthermore  we  provide marketing services for websites. You well find the full spectrum of our services here. Website development services

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