Web Development

We create, support and promote professional websites

We provide web development services, website promotional services, graphic design and support services. Our goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to advance your company. Our purpose is for you to get new online customers.

You can call us at +30 2311 822 997 for any question you might have or email us at info@cactusweb.gr

Bitter facts you need to know before you create a website

More than half of web projects never completes 0
In more than 80% the text of the website is incorrect 0
To find new customers online you have to invest money and time. There are no easy solutions. 0
1 of 10 websites meet the goals they created for. 0
4 of 10 websites never get promoted at all 0

End Goal
Increasing your sales

We develop your website, with the purpose of you gaining more customers for your business. A qualitative designed website can capture new clients for every company. We offer you not only web development services, but also a complete online advancement plan for your company.

Why select Cactus for creating your website?

  1. Website Development for businesses.
  2. Eshop for all type of companies.
  3. Web Development for lawers organazations , companies.
  4. Medical Website Development.
  5. Website Creation with WordPress platform.
  6. Custom project in Laravel Php Framewok.
  7. Web design with PSD mockup .
  8. Support of the website you already have.

1.We have developed over 150 software projects.

2.We provide high quality of services

3.We offer you constant support.

4.You get qualitative web services in competitive prices.

5.We train you in order to know everything about online sales.

6.We don’t promise the impossible, we offer real solution that bear results.

Web Development

We are active in the city of Thessaloniki since 1981 in company database management and also in web development since 2010. We can come to your location and analyze your needs. Keeping always in mind your interests, we will develop for you the website your company needs. We will guide during the whole procedure of building your website, because developing a website is an investment for your business.