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Search Engine Optimization is for most experts in the field the basic digital marketing tool for any business that operates online.

What exactly is SEO?

This is the strategy of optimizing websites and online stores, aiming to conquer the first positions of organic results in search engines for the relevant “keywords” that users are looking for.

SEO is divided into individual strategies, those of On–page, Off-page and Technical which all aim to achieve high ranking in organic search engine results.

Why you should integrate SEO into your digital marketing strategy;

Today, all users who want to find a product, service or information about something that interests them, will turn to a search engine (such as Google) to find it. If you think that 93% of users won’t even make it to the third page, you wouldn’t want your business to be on the first page of your search results.

Search Engine Optimization is the perfect solution for you:
Whether your business is big and well known, new in the field and unknown, whether it is local or multinational, Search engine Optimization can be the driving force for its growth.

At Cactus, we can fully support you in this effort to grow your business and achieve your goals, with our specialized staff. Applying a strategy tailored to your needs and business goals, but also to market trends, combined with our own technical training, success is a one-way street …all the way to the top of the SERPs!

How quickly can my website appear on the first Google results page ?

The question above is the most common concern of entrepreneurs who decide to invest in SEO.  This is because a real benefit from SEO will be seen by an entrepreneur when his website appears not only on the first page but in the first 4-5 results.

For that to happen are 2 key factors. The first is competitiveness and therefore the difficulty of the word we are aiming for.  An average time for a difficult and very competitive word is 6 to 12 months, but can take even longer.  We can get faster results for a not so difficult word. As a minimum time for any keyword we can set 3 months. There are examples that websites reached the front page and in less than 15 days but these cases are exceptions, and usually these are keywords that have no commercial interest or the technicians followed unfair techniques to cause a rather ephemeral result.

What are the procedures to make an SEO business website ?

In SEO there are procedures that we follow periodically and for that reason, this is a paid service every month. These procedures have 3 phases. The first phase is that of analysis and targeting. The second phase is that of development and positioning and the third phase is that of taking stock of results and retargeting.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media today is the medium that, today more than ever, your future customers use when they want to get in touch with your company and interact with.

Google Ads

Google has,for several years, been able to advertise in its search results for keywords and phrases that users are looking for.

E-mail Marketing

How to keep your brand and business close to your customers when doing business online.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media today is the medium that, today more than ever, your future customers use when they want to get in touch with your company and interact with.