About Us

Our story

Cactus was founded in 1981 in Thessaloniki from a group of programmers and is one of the first software development companies in Greece. Demetrios Stamatis is from 1981 till this day the man behind the development of several business database management systems such as CactusERP, C – Hotel, the the database management system for catering companies, Cactus Payroll and many others. These were our beginnings in the field of technologies. We deal with web developement since 2010 and we have created a plethora of websites for many different tpyes of businesses and organizations. In 2017 we added graphical design services in our expertise in order to assist in accompaning creeatively your projects and help in achieving a complete branding for your company.

Our values

Our company believes in solidarity between colleagues, in the development of quality products that solve problems. We believe in honest business relationships. We respect employees, their needs and their rights. We rank very high in our values ​​the courtesy in the workplace and in general. We support innovative startups developing hardware or software, especially teams made up of young people. Finally, we are warm supporters of noble competition. Our competitors are for us our companions in developing software products and services, not bitter enemies.

The team


Aggeloudis Dimitrios

Project Manager

I.T. Engineer


Anestis Stamatis

Head Web Developer

I.T. Engineer and Postgraduate degree in I.T. Management Systems. PhD student in University of Macedonia.


Vagia Liakou

Programmer - Head of Support

I.T. Engineer and Postgraduate studied of Applied Information Technology

Our partners :

Our headquarters in Parga

In 2011 we moved our headquarters to Parga, our hometown. In Parga, our company is active mainly in the field of business database management. One of our creations is www.pargaportal.com, a project we're very proud of.

New partners, new experiences

In 2014 we met some new partners in Philoxenia tourist expo. It was a very interesting expo with companies from all over Greece, but also neighboring countries. In the field of web development, we advanced and improved our skills. One of our creations is www.epirus-greece.com.