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Increase your sales

E-shop cards

An E-shop is the website that is intented primarily to increase the sales of your products. An e-shop should be easy to use and direct for customers to use, which means to present quickly and cleanly the products that a visitor is interested in with rich content and imagery.

Complete showcase of each product

You can showcase every product of yours with lots of photos, description as well as video. Each products page is fully customizable, so that it can be edited easily to fit the needs of each product. It is also possible to vary each product with different colors, sizes or bundles. All the above features can be configured from a user friendly environment that anyone can handle with ease after a few hours of training.

Easy management from the store owner

Manage yourself everything in your e-shop quickly and easily. It is crucial that the eshop is managed by the owner of the eshop rather than a programmer. A developer doesn’t have knowledge of the product nor the company’s customers. The  e-shop owner should be able to update the stock of his products, edit the descriptions and photos and manage the customers’ orders.

Helpful features

Equip your  e-shop with all the features that will help your visitor find the product that are interested in. Filter by attributes per product category and smart searching fields with keywords will guide your customers quickly to the right products. The compare function will help your customers decide between similar products for what fits them best. These helpful functions like user registration, favorite list and a point system can help build a constant connection with your clients.

Detailed data

Your sales data is a source of wealth for you. View over time what you sold, when and to which customers. WIth these information you get a larger view of your total sales. Furthermore, we connect your e-shop with Google Analytics in order for you to see data about your visitors before they convert to customers. This way you can check the traffic in your e-shop and discover missed opportunities or successes by reviewing the behavior of the customers.

Google Analytics

Interconnect with ERP systems

We can connect your eshop with any database system you already use. For example, you can receive your orders automatically directly at your ERP system. We can also configure your eshop so that it updates automatically the stockpile in your ERP system. Aftere developing your website ή e-shop, we provide Support packages. For a full list of our services, please visit our home page here, website development in Thessaloniki. You can also check some of the websites we have created.


Unlimited items

Assosiate with all Greek Bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX)

Pay on delivery, PayPal, Stripe

Calculate shipping costs based on weight and distance

Search filters - Check Box

Product variations - Color, size

Keyword Search - Search Bar

Tracking Code for customers to track shipping

E-shop types

Online Retail Shop - (B2C)

Online wholesale shop - (C2C) Customers view prices after logging in

Online non-physical shop (Services, Reservations, Software, Tickets, Subscriptions)


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SSL - Green lock

Interconnect orders with ERP

Automatic product updates from ERP

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